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Accessibility & Best Practice

Disability Essex is committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us.

For general help in making this site and others easier to use, see the BBC's My Web My Way and AbilityNet's My Computer, My Way!

Shortcuts to accessibility tips

  • Changing text size

    Most browsers feature the ability to resize text on screen to a level you feel comfortable with.

    This tool is available in the menu of various browsers as follows:

    Browser Instructions
    Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6 (PC) View - Text Size
    Firefox, Netscape 8 View - Text Size
    Opera View - Zoom
    Netscape 6, 7, Mozilla View - Text Zoom
    Safari (Mac) View - Make Text Bigger

    Alternatively, if you are using a modern browser and have a mouse with a wheel you can also alter the size of the text size by holding down ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) on your keyboard while scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel.

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  • Access keys

    The access key function allows lets you surf around a site without using your mouse to click on links.

    Using your keyboard, it's possible to jump directly to certain links or certain areas within a page, without having to move your mouse at all.

    By holding down alt+[access key] (PC) or ctrl+[access key] (Mac), a link becomes highlighted. You can then hit the enter key to activate the link.

    Function Access key
    Skip to content 1
    Skip to main navigation 2
    Skip to site map 3
    Contact us 4
    Accessibility statement (this page) 0

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  • Using the tab key

    You can use the Tab key on your keyboard to move between links on a page. A single press of Tab highlights the next link, Shift+Tab highlights the previous link.

    When you use use the Tab key to move between links on the the Disability Essex website, you'll be taken through them in the following order:

    • Main content area of the page
    • Right column
    • Left column

    All forms on the Disability Essex website have a logical tab sequence.

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  • Contrast

    We have made every effort to ensure that we have used sufficient contrast on the Disability Essex website but if you notice any colour combinations that cause you problems, please contact us.

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  • Standards compliance

Call the Helpline

0844 412 1770

accredited by DIAL-UK

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  • Positive About Disabled People
  • Investor In People
  • Disability Standard 2009 Gold

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